5 days to Akademy-BR

Times fly! Akademy-BR is about to begin, just Five days!

I’m looking forward to the beginning of the Aka-BR! I can not wait to arrive in Salvador and meet the staff of the KDE-BR to start hack the KDE.

Exacts 2 months back, i receive from Sandro the confirmation of my acceptance to participate of Akademy-BR. Man, i jumped for happinnes by many reasons:

First i will know all the wonderful people that do KDE-BR. All they i know just by photos, videos and e-mails.

I also will learn more about KDE, some projects unknown to me now (as developer) such as kde-games, Amarok, others more know (like Rocs that i allready send some features) and have oppotunity to pass what i know about dev.

Now, the day is comming, day 7 i take my fly to Salvador to start the marathon. Yeah! Who said programmer does not exercise?

We estimate to be about 36 hours of programming / discussion about KDE in just 3 days! but can be more! we have dinners, coffeebrakes, and a time at beach (we’re not made of iron 😀 ) where we still talking about KDE… so if we dream with KDE by nigth will be 72 hours of KDE on vein!

Aka-BR will have work groups of many projects, such as promo, KDE-Games (to introduce KDE programming for beginners), Amarok and many others sprints. As I’ve been developing the Rocs with Tomaz, i’ll work on it, but also participate in other projects, such as Plasmate, the KDE promo team, kgraphviewer hack.

So remember, in 5 days begin Akademy-BR, stay tunned at here, here and also here in my blog.


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