KDE SC 4.4 release

Today is the day!

Following the schedule, KDE team released KDE SC 4.4 and a new face to website.
In some days the distros will release the packges, but as allways source code is avaliable to download (vide download.kde.org)
KDE SC 4.4 brings some new features, many improvements, and a lot of bug fixes.

KDE community still growing up and bring news applicartions. This release bring Rocs (aplication to teach graph teory), Cantor (frontend to many matematics applications), and Blogilo (blog client) as some of news applications introduced at 4.4.

KDE SC 4.4 is based in a fresh release of other great software that is Qt 4.6. With new animation api, KDE become more ‘smooth’ and dynamic.

Let me talk about Rocs, application developed by Tomaz. I knew Rocs about middle of 2009. I like graphs, and a IDE to work with it is awesome!
At end of year 2009, i write some scripts to Tomaz put as examples and help to fix some bugs. By now, i start to put some ideas inside the Rocs to be released at KDE SC 4.5, but it will be speaked in nexts posts.

Now go get your source and that force be with you.


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